Photographer, blogger and downtime daydreamer

Downtime & Daydreams - About Me - Photo by Unique Lapin Photography, New York

Photo by Unique Lapin Photography, New York

Hi there!

Thanks for taking the time to check out Downtime & Daydreams, my passion project that allows me to get a bit creative, talk about the things I love, share the beauty I see in the world around me and hopefully provide a little inspiration.

I’ve always enjoyed a career in marketing, and along the way my passion for photography took hold and I began my side business, Saxton Fleur Photography (feel free to check out my work!). Downtime & Daydreams is my outlet that combines this passion for capturing beauty with a bubbling fascination with writing – a pretty perfect way to spend my downtime I think.

All images on this site are my own, with one exception: the image you see of me on this page is taken by the lovely and talented Sheena Kim of Unique Lapin Photography in New York.

I’m available for freelance writing and lifestyle or portrait photography, and would welcome enquiries through email at

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Happy daydreaming!

Steph x