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Downtime & Daydreams - Visit Seattle -13

See Seattle in the right light

There we were, in the birthplace of grunge, searching for the spot where we would be among the lucky few to discover the next Nirvana or the new Eddie Vedder. The play bill on the famous Crocodile Club said…

Downtime and Daydreams Blog - Air New Zealand airport lounge

Are airport lounges worth the money?

I’m sitting in Auckland airport while I wait for my flight to Los Angeles with Air New Zealand, and I’m lucky enough to be feet up in the ‘premium lounge’ as they call it, glass of Marlborough Sauv in…

Downtime and Daydreams Blog - New Orleans in Photos

New Orleans in photos

It’s the city of street cars, street parties, THAT famous street and a whole lot more… So why use words when photos will do? I spent a day exploring the legendary city of New Orleans with my camera in tow.…

Downtime and Daydreams Blog - Deep South Music Road Trip

Soul searching in the deep south

Daydreaming of sweeping southern mansions, cotton fields, tex-mex food and music that would stir my deep dark soul, I headed off on a music road trip that would take me through some BIG name destinations. There are a lot…

Downtime and Daydreams Blog - Travel Daydream - Greece

14 travel photos to daydream about

I’ve lost track of how many thousand travel photos I have, I’ve taken a lot. A LOT. Not all of them are great, some of them are actually terrible – but they inspire a sense of adventure in me, and…

Downtime and Daydreams Blog - Dark Tourism

Dark tourism: yes or no?

There I was, sitting in one of the most peaceful scenes you could imagine. Birds chirping, leaves rustling in a gentle breeze, the warm sun shining on my face, not a car noise in earshot. And yet, it was…

Downtime and Daydreams Blog - Queenstown - Glenorchy

How to do Queenstown without skis

Don’t be fooled by the snowy marketing pics, Queenstown is absolutely a year-round destination. If you’ve missed the ski season, or it’s just plain not your thing, I’m here to tell you why this area’s off-piste activities are top…

Downtime and Daydreams Blog - North

How to plan for spontaneous travel

For those ‘I’ve gotta know I have a roof over my head, it’s just not worth it’ kinda travellers: it is a super sweet way to enjoy the world, when it’s done properly. For those ‘I just buy a…

Downtime and Daydreams Blog - New York for Second Timers

New York for second timers

You’ve been to New York before – you’ve waited in line all day to visit the Statue of Liberty, you’ve been up the Empire State Building, you’ve done the open top bus tour. You’ve oggled at Times Square, and…