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  • Downtime and Daydreams Blog - Queenstown - Glenorchy

    How to do Queenstown without skis

    Don’t be fooled by the snowy marketing pics, Queenstown is absolutely a year-round destination. If you’ve missed the ski season, or it’s just plain not your thing, I’m here to tell…

  • Downtime and Daydreams Blog - North

    How to plan for spontaneous travel

    For those ‘I’ve gotta know I have a roof over my head, it’s just not worth it’ kinda travellers: it is a super sweet way to enjoy the world, when it’s…

  • Downtime and Daydreams Blog - New York for Second Timers

    New York for second timers

    You’ve been to New York before – you’ve waited in line all day to visit the Statue of Liberty, you’ve been up the Empire State Building, you’ve done the open top…

  • The road to success includes downtime - Downtime & Daydreams Blog

    Does busy + stress = success?

    A while ago an article about a palliative care nurse went viral – she was sharing the most common regrets she hears from elderly patients on their deathbed. They revolved around some…

  • Downtime & Daydreams Blog - Solo female traveller

    How to thrive as a solo female traveller

    I’ve always been a determined woman, set on achieving whatever thing it was I’d set my mind to – so when it came to flying the coop and travelling the world as…

  • Unique hotel stays - Downtime & Daydreams Blog

    My 7 most unique hotel stays

    It’s one of the biggest expenses of almost any trip, it’s where you spend your downtime when you’re abroad, and it helps set the tone of your holiday. Don’t just go…

  • Popcorn and blanket for Oscar movies - Downtime & Daydreams Blog

    13 Oscar movies you might have forgotten

    It’s still cold outside, we’re hunkering down while we wait out the winter, and I don’t know what’s going on but it feels like there is just nothing to watch even amongst the…