21 things only binge-watchers will understand

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Binge-watching is one of the biggest downtime catches, it will have you on the sofa for hours on end, and for some reason it makes you feel terribly guilty and hopelessly content at the same time.

I’ve been lured deep, deep into binge-watching addiction from time to time (one word: Scandal), and there are some truths that just can’t be hidden. Read on for 21 things only binge-watchers will understand.

  1. Realising binge-watching is like crack. You think you can watch one episode and walk away, but those cliffhangers… they’re dangerous.
  2. When a new season of your favourite show is released, two emotions hit you at once: excitement to see what happens to your beloved characters, and impending doom at all those hours you’ll be losing to the TV.
  3. Scheduling your weekend around binge-sessions… “I can fit one in before I run those errands!”
  4. That one episode turns into four… and your errands get put off indefinitely.
  5. Becoming an expert on US politics because you’re watching House of Cards, or being all-knowing about the mob from The Sopranos.
  6. Being signed up to Netflix. And Stan. And Presto. They just don’t all have the same shows!
  7. That awkward moment with your binge-watching buddy when you’re each waiting for the other to suggest you watch another episode! There’s only one thing worse that being hopelessly addicted: watching the show with someone who isn’t.
  8. At the beginning of the series you can’t watch fast enough, but at the end you try to stretch them out as loooong as you can.
  9. The series ends and you miss the characters because you’ve spent more time with them recently than any of your friends.
  10. When you watch one episode too many and you end up having really strange dreams about the show. Really strange.
  11. Waiting months for the new season of Orange is the New Black, only to watch it all in a few days. It’s going to be a LONG wait until the next one!
  12. The HBO bit at the start of the programme triggers warm fuzzies… Kksshhhh-aahhhhhh
  13. When you’re chatting with a bigger binge-watcher than you and they drop spoilers. Grrrrr.
  14. When you catch up on all the back episodes, and now you can only have one episode per week. Double grrrr.
  15. When the binge-watching addiction just can’t end when the series does… so you start googling cast interviews and behind the scenes documentaries. That’s when you know you have it BAD.
  16. Getting to the end of the weekend and realising you haven’t spoken to anyone. “Can’t talk. Binge-watching”.
  17. Swearing off binge-watching for good. Never again, I need to get my life back. Then the next season of House of Cards comes out. Damnit.
  18. Being secretly happy that it’s a rainy day, so that you can justify your binge-watching session.
  19. Being so addicted you sit your laptop on the kitchen bench while you make dinner. Hey, at least you’re cooking dinner… right?!
  20. Remarking how annoying split seasons are. What’s that all about, Mad Men?!
  21. You definitively state that’s the last episode, and then the next one autoplays before you can stop it. Well played Netflix, well played.



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