6 binge-worthy TV shows to keep it cheap this month

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It’s that looong month when the paycheck seems so far away, and the Christmas credit card bill seems so high! So as we all try to figure out how to keep ourselves entertained on a super tight budget this month, I’ve got your viewing pleasure sorted.

Grab some carrot sticks, hummus and coconut water (because… new year’s resolutions, you know). Then get your stream on, because there are some cracker TV shows to keep you entertained, all while keeping your wallet firmly in its place.


Reality TV shows… you either love them or you hate them. Whichever way you swing, this series is for you! It’s created by an actual former The Bachelor US producer, and is a scripted drama set behind the scenes of the famous show, and is set to expose all those secrets you always suspected – from producer manipulation, to backstage romances, to wheeling and dealing, it’s there. It will have you clicking the ‘next episode’ button faster than a contestant would say ‘yes I accept your rose!’. That’s fast, by the way. See what I did there?

It’s only one season so far as it just debuted in 2015, but the next season should be out in June.

How to watch:

Find it on Stan, and it’s free for the first month. Sweet!

2. Scandal

Okay so I was reeeeally late to the Scandal party, I think because it only airs on one of the super duper pay TV channels here that noone ever really wants to spring for. But thanks to Netflix, I’ve got my Scandal ON and I’m completely addicted. Olivia Pope is drop dead incredible in pretty much every way, and the political love triangle is a sweet dramatic carrot to draw you along.

How to watch:

Netflix US has the first three seasons, so get cracking! Each season has about 20 or so episodes, and at an hour long… you do the math. That’s a LOT of hours. Beware the cliff hanger endings, it’s properly addictive.

3. Narcos

Um, yup, wow. It’s full on, it’s subtitled (and will make you want to learn Spanish, stat), it’s got that true story fascination to it, and it’s GOOD people. It’s good.

This is the TV adaptation of Pablo Escobar’s story, both from his point of view and from the aspect of the Narco police who are hunting him – and it has everything you’d expect.

How to watch:

It’s a Netflix original series, so it’s available on Netflix everywhere. Easy! 

4. How I Met Your Mother

Again, I feel like I was really late to the party here – it’s a bit like Friends, it’s always on but you never know where in the series you are, or what the overall story line is. So if you feel like some light sitcom-y entertainment, go right back to the beginning, and you’ll finally be able to put it all together, in order, so that the jokes make a bit more sense.

How to watch:

Netflix strikes again!

5. Gavin and Stacey

Few people outside of the UK have heard of this, which is crazy because it had the whole country gripped back when its 20 episodes aired in three seasons in the late noughties. It’s also won a bunch of awards and launched a few big careers. It’s beautifully quirky (if the humour doesn’t immediately catch on, give it two or three episodes before you quit!), and the characters are brilliant. James Cordon (now of Late Late Show fame in the US) co-wrote the series with Ruth Jones, and they both star – and some might say, steal the show.

I can’t find a trailer for this one that won’t ruin it, so you’ll have to take my word for it!

It’s one of my all time favourites, it’s not a huge time commitment, and it’ll have you greeting people with “What’s occurring?” before you know it. That’s lush.

How to watch:

All three seasons are available on Stan.

6. Making a Murderer

I can’t say much about this one because I have only seen the first episode – but it’s already hooked me in! This documentary series is taking the world by storm, and raising debate in all corners about the subject, the trial, the outcome – all of it. It’s fascinating. I’m in!

How to watch:

Only on Netflix!

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