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Downtime and Daydreams Blog - Travel Daydream - Greece

14 travel photos to daydream about

I’ve lost track of how many thousand travel photos I have, I’ve taken a lot. A LOT. Not all of them are great, some of them are actually terrible – but they inspire a sense of adventure in me, and…

Downtime and Daydreams Blog - Be a Better Human

How to be a better human

At this time of the year we have a bit more downtime than usual, and a few new things to enjoy. We also think about how we can be better in the new year, we make our list of…

Downtime and Daydreams Blog - How to justify your afternoon nap

5 ways to justify your afternoon nap

I’ve just had one of those lazy weekend afternoons, where all the plans for ticking off your to-do list just fly straight out the window when the sun starts streaming in over the couch, the dog curls up on your…

Binge-watching - Downtime & Daydreams Blog

21 things only binge-watchers will understand

Binge-watching is one of the biggest downtime catches, it will have you on the sofa for hours on end, and for some reason it makes you feel terribly guilty and hopelessly content at the same time. I’ve been lured…

The road to success includes downtime - Downtime & Daydreams Blog

Does busy + stress = success?

A while ago an article about a palliative care nurse went viral – she was sharing the most common regrets she hears from elderly patients on their deathbed. They revolved around some of the key pillars we all strive for…

Popcorn and blanket for Oscar movies - Downtime & Daydreams Blog

13 Oscar movies you might have forgotten

It’s still cold outside, we’re hunkering down while we wait out the winter, and I don’t know what’s going on but it feels like there is just nothing to watch even amongst the sea of options on Netflix. So it’s time to…

It's a furry line between puppies and babies - Downtime & Daydreams Blog

It’s a furry line between puppies and babies!

Second only to my significant other, there is no doubt that I spend the most downtime with my beautiful pooch, Barkly. Whether it’s at the park, snuggling at home on the couch, or hanging at a local cafe, I…

Tea cup with heart shaped steam - Downtime & Daydreams Blog

7 reasons to put the kettle on, stat!

Downtime, uptime, anytime. There is a herbal tea that will get me through whatever life situation I am facing – I use it to relax, I use it to have a good night’s sleep, I use it to aid digestion,…

Aurora Spa, St Kilda - Downtime & Daydreams Blog

Aurora Spa: Melbourne day spa review

Life is a busy, crazy, chaotic mesh of work, family, friends, commitments and chores – so to say a bit of downtime is important is the understatement of the century.  It shouldn’t have to be a luxury, then, to…

7 must-read books that shouldn't have been movies

7 must-read books that blow away the movie

Sometimes a film can bring a novel to life in a way that your imagination just can’t (Life of Pi – wow), but more often than not they fall short. These movies are a great introduction to a story…