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Downtime and Daydreams Blog - Travel Daydream - Greece

14 travel photos to daydream about

I’ve lost track of how many thousand travel photos I have, I’ve taken a lot. A LOT. Not all of them are great, some of them are actually terrible – but they inspire a sense of adventure in me, and…

Downtime and Daydreams Blog - Be a Better Human

How to be a better human

At this time of the year we have a bit more downtime than usual, and a few new things to enjoy. We also think about how we can be better in the new year, we make our list of…

Downtime and Daydreams Blog - New York for Second Timers

New York for second timers

You’ve been to New York before – you’ve waited in line all day to visit the Statue of Liberty, you’ve been up the Empire State Building, you’ve done the open top bus tour. You’ve oggled at Times Square, and…

Downtime & Daydreams blog - Tourist Trap or Worth It - Top of the Rock

26 famous travel spots: Tourist trap or worth the visit?

You go to a new city, and google ‘things to do’. Invariably some of the answers will be a tourist trap, sometimes they’re great, sometimes they’re bucket list items that noone would pass up, and sometimes not so much.…